Basic rundown, born in ’94 in Arecibo, Puerto Rico moved to Arlington, Texas in ’96. Stuck around ever since. I enjoy various movies, books, television based around science fiction, history, comedy, or a real good musical/drama. Oh also baseball and esports are my jam. But I don’t like jam.

I work within the DFW sports sphere and have worked on the sidelines of many a football, baseball, and basketball games from the high school level all the up to the professional. Currently working for 103.3 FM ESPN in Dallas, and doing a few things on the side with eSports.

If you enjoy pop culture references, various analyses on the impact of sports narratives and eSports drama, movies, music, and other generalities feel free to read along.

Or don’t. I’m not holding a gun to your head.

¬°Buen Provecho!