Welcome to this (as of right now) Lackluster blog!

Hey folks, I’m Kevin C, and this is a blog where I will put words to some of my experiences and thoughts on various things ranging from movies to sports and esports, and other various things I enjoy and find interest in. If you enjoy some of the content I put out, feel free to let me know, or if you take issue with something I wrote about or posted pictures about once again let me know.

Now language is a powerful thing and I’ll try my best to keep it simple and clean, but do know that I have a slight tendency to use terse language at times or quote people using naughty words or phrases. I will try to keep it as professional as a young 20-something can. This isn’t church, so don’t expect the niceties of it, unfortunately.

So that was the “what” and the “where” (as in “what is this nonsense?” and “where is this going?”), on to the who, why, and when.


Early man and Later man will meet many a times in here.

Who am I? 

Kevin Correa, born in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, currently residing in the DFW Metroplex, working for 103.3 FM ESPN as a Board Op/Reporter, Graduate from Mansfield Timberview HS, attended TCC and currently attending UNT. In the athletic department I was a failed baseball player after my sophomore year in high school, but still followed it religiously. I worked at the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington later that year and was witness to the playoff run of the 2011 Rangers squad. I joined Mansfield’s own Ben Barber CTA Radio classes and became proficient at keeping up with my interests which included weather, celebrity gossip, music, and of course sports. I got into radio on whim and its lead me down this curious path of things I’d never thought I’d get to experience. I became especially interested in the area of online gaming competitions, colloquially known as “esports,” around 2012. It started with a game called Starcraft 2 and spiraled off from there to the point where I’ve actually been to these competitions on stages in Dallas, Las Vegas, and San Jose. Which leads me on the next ‘W…’

Why are you typing at me?

Because I think that I can put into words and give a different perspective on the things that people see, or don’t see, and get some reactions on my thoughts. I’m just another blogger in the wind, typing as I see fit. My main goal is to share. Among other things, I would like to help facilitate communication on the differences and similarities between athletic sports and the online esports platforms. I think people have a lot to enjoy from both, but due to stereotypes on both sides there’s a disconnect and some folks would just rather not listen at all. I’m open-minded and I hope to help people understand two sides of the same coin.

When is this thing gonna pop off? 

Hopefully within the coming weeks. Schoolwork is starting to die down a bit and I have few things lined up to post here. Possibly some interviews with media on both the sports and esports side of things. A compare and contrast of the World Series of this past week and the League of Legends Worlds Championship Final. Possibly will be posting a podcast with one or two others. We’ll see what angles I can go with and how far I can take it. This is as much a test for myself as it is for whoever’s reading this.

If you have anything to ask or question me about feel free to send me Tweet or however that works and I’ll answer promptly.

See ya soon, folks!



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